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May 14th (Teacher Appreciation)

May 7th (Softball Highlight)

May 3rd (Baseball Highlight)

April 26th (Songs in Real Life - Prom Edition) 

April 16th (Guess That Song)

April 12th (Freshman vs Seniors)

April 9th (Movie Quote Competition)

March 29th


March 1st (Visual Storytelling)

February 15th (News CHANGES + Bruno Mars Music Video)

February 12th (Guys Basketball Highlight)

February 1st (NHS Commercial)

January 29th (Basketball Pep Rally)

January 25th (No Special Report)

January 18th (No Special Report)

January 15th (State Cheer Promo)

January 11th (Best of 1st Semester)


December 14th (Do You Believe In Santa)

December 11th (Football Tribute)

December 3rd (Basketball Hype Video)

November 30th (PSA: Hallway Safety)

November 27th (Songs in Real Life)

November 16th (Seniors + Thanksgiving) 

November 13th (Seniors "Songs in Real Life")

November 9th (Senior Edition + Lip Dub)

November 2nd (Basketball Practice)

October 30th (Passion Project Highlight)

October 26th (Yung Ballas)

October 16th (No Special Report)

October 12th (Homecoming/PPF Commercial #2)

October 9th (Laffy Taffy Jokes)

October 5th (You Matter)

October 2nd (Powderpuff Commercial)

September 28th (Passion Project Day)

September 21st (Crosswalk Safety)

September 18th (Parking Spots)

September 14th (Alien)

September 11th (9/11 Tribute)

September 7th (KiKi Challenge)

September 4th (First Episode of the Year)